Weekly Update #368

Started by The Machine, Mar 17, 2023, 06:00 PM

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The Machine


It's Friday! Here are the top ten topics from the past week that you most likely didn't see.

Warner Bros. Delays 'Suicide Squad' Game Again After Fan Backlash
Views: 43

Rumor: PS5 Pro in development (might release late 2024)
Views: 45

Thoughts on Sony making a "Western" RPG?
Views: 49

I like it when games have a definitive ending
Views: 52

Weekly Update #367
Views: 53

Happy the-Pi-guy day
Views: 53

Firmament releases May 18th, next game from Myst and Obduction devs
Views: 62

The Oscars 2023
Views: 83

Knowledge based games
Views: 97

What will Naughty Dog's next game announcement be?
Views: 107

The top poster of the past week was Legend with 52 posts. This has earned them a ticket in the monthly raffle. the-Pi-guy was second with 48 posts and kitler53 was third with 46 posts.

The top thread starter of the past week was the-Pi-guy with 4 topics. This has earned them a ticket in the monthly raffle too.

the-Pi-guy received the most likes this week (20), and Legend liked the most things this week (23). They both get a ticket in the monthly raffle.

SWORDF1SH stole $617 this past week. For their thievery, they have also earned a raffle ticket.

I'll be back next week with with another thread.
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