What were your favorite kinds of quests?

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Started by the-pi-guy, Oct 19, 2020, 09:19 PM

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I had to think about this one!

I tend to like loyalty/friendship quests a lot, if it's a character I like. So in the outer worlds, Ellie's family quest was pretty fun. It was a nice change of pace getting to support her desires instead of Ellie being my mindless drone. Wasn't perfect, I wish I had more agency during it and nothing really changed, but it was pretty good.

Always hated quests with lots of backtracking. It's fine if you have to travel for a quest, but either the journey or destination should be big and important. If I have to fast travel halfway across the map just to grab an item from a shop and then fast travel back, it sucks.

I loved the Geth quest in (I believe) Mass Effect 3. The one where you enter the digital world. Always so cool when a quest takes place in a completely different environment.

I also really liked the "Movie Night" quest in Mass Effect Andromeda. It was just a simple quest where you could set up a movie night with your crew on the tempest. It was great imo because it allowed me to really role play as my version of Ryder. I was the dude just hoping planet to planet making friends with everyone, so a dumb movie night was perfect. It'd be great if the game had lots of quests to support other ways people role played, but it worked for me.

I don't think BOTW had any great quests. I liked a lot of parts of them but quests were often disappointing, one way or another. Like the super early quest where you talk to the treasure hunters and then find the treasure yourself. It was fun finding the treasure, but I wish it was more unique. Later on the chest felt like a dime a dozen. Also always irks me when NPCs just dismiss the player. Often feels like the game is dismissing my actions. The Tarrey Town quest made me put down the game for 6 months. I loved upgrading my own house so I expected the town to feel similar. I booked it across the map to get everything for that quest which was extremely memorable, but then I finished building the town and everyone just dismisses me again. I don't think Link should have a statue or something, but I think the town should feel different than every other town. Maybe prices are better, maybe you get to name it, etc.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey had a fun quest, or at least I turned it into one.
Spoiler for mid game:
<br>Went to the olympic games. Did some wrestling and realised the one leader was obviously an agent of Kronos. So the second I finished wrestling, I went over and killed him. Felt like it was early but the game made it work.<br>(I also might be misremembering this lol)<br>