PS5 Showcase - 16th September 1PM PDT

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Started by Xevross, Sep 12, 2020, 01:12 PM

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ideally for me this shows off the games by showing off the OS. 

think like how shue showed off the ps4 OS.  the screen is black the you see the ps5 load up screen and straight into a game play sequence of one of ps5s launch games. then they move to  a second game and a third game and so on for games ready at launch. have some easter eggs for things that need to be said but don't need the air time like having some specific games loaded on the system that highlight BC capabilities.  over to trailers for things "and beyond". end on a fantastic price of $399 and then pre-orders go live.

a few days after the games show have a ps blog post detailing the OS in more detail. 

...but I can't watch the show live.  literally just confirmed my dentist appointment for the exact same time minutes before seeing this.  oh well  :-\