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Started by the-pi-guy, Jul 31, 2014, 02:28 AM

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It does, but not by much tbh.  ::P
Except the SSD. The PS5's is a beast.
to be fair i have no idea what i'm reading here so i'm talking out my butt mostly.  

my thought these days is technology has gotten ahead of developers ability to leverage them.  to an extent that is because technically few studios are competent enough to push modern hardware.  but mostly almost studios have the finacial resourses to put in the time to leverage them. 

sony doesn't own all of these studios but they do own a big portion of them. TLoU 2 will be the most "next gen" title for another year i'll bet despite being on ps4.  no one can match that kind of attention to detail except maybe rockstar.  

a high spec'd pc seems to me to be a waste of money.  the best of the best on pc is on consoles.  an extra $2200 isn't worth it to me to get the same game at 60 fps...