Death Stranding Gameplay Trailer

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Started by the-pi-guy, Aug 19, 2019, 10:32 PM

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Sure, thanks mind reader. I'm definitely not just concerned about this huge, almost empty, environment that we've seen multiple times now and seen us slowly clambering through it in what looks like awfully boring gameplay. I'm certainly not worried that a large chunk of the game outside of these other sections you mentioned will be lots of boring and slow traversal which would put me off this game I want to like.

I also expressed a lot of excitement at that previous trailer but apparently the opinion I wrote here about this trailer does completely override that one now. Perhaps I must repeat myself stating that a past opinion on a past trailer does still hold just to make everyone aware that I haven't forgotten and that it is trailers like the previous one which got me excited for the game in the first place.

I was also expressing concern about the two cutscenes he showed before this video, as I didn't like either of those. The dialogue just seems off in this game.

I'm still allowed to react to a trailer I just watched, no matter the context. This one I thought looked awful, and if it turns out to be a bit of a troll or not representitive then fine I'm very happy about that.
bolded: Well according to yourself this trailer has immediately completely overridden your opinion on the game, so I guess... yeah?

This honestly looked awful. Immediately lost any hype I had for the game and for the first time I'm genuinely worried that this is going to be a bad game
You don't need to act smart with me, if your prior reaction was as kneejerky as this.

And yes, you're allowed to react to a trailer, just as I'm allowed to post my opinion on what I feel are spur of the moment hot takes driven by people feeling this constant need to share their thoughts on anything the moment they see it instead of taking a moment to actually think before they type.