Are you good at games?

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Started by Legend, Aug 11, 2019, 11:32 PM

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I'd say I'm very bad at racing games like Driceclub, but good at racing games like Mario Kart.  

Decent at shooters.  

Good at action games.  

I'm bad at rts games.  Even though I play a lot of Age of Empires, I have to get lucky at the moderate difficulty.

I'm great at all racing games except hardcore sim racers like project cars, you kind of need a proper wheel to be good at those.

Action games is quite a big category, I'd say I'm generally good but some are tougher. Platforms I'm usually pretty bad at especially if controls aren't snappy.

I'm the same with RTS although I don't play them much. Civ I have loads of practice with and I'm really good at simply because I perfected a strategy that I use every time.

I'm playing Eu4 with a friend again at the moment and I've gotten really good at it, I do love this game.