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Started by Legend, Aug 05, 2019, 08:19 PM

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Yeah detroit is really great, glad you liked it.

Out of your list I'd say you have to play bloodborne next, its one of the best games of the generation and for sure the best game on your list. If you're still in the mood for that kind of game then also Sekiro. I'm about 10 hours into Sekiro and really liking it but I left it at my Uni flat so haven't been able to play it this summer >:(

I didn't enjoy AC Odyssey and dropped it after like 20 hours, its a friggin' long game so if you're not enjoying it 10-15 hours in just let go of it. The first 5 hours or so are fantastic but then it quickly becomes repetitive and boring with the story becoming less interesting and less a part of the game as the open world just gets way too big for its own good.
Why did you forget the game!?  

I'm actually replaying Bloodborne right now.  It's so fricken good.