E3 2019 LIVE!!!

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Started by Legend, Jun 08, 2019, 03:09 PM

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Phil Spencer Pre-E3 Podcast with Major Nelson | ResetEra

17 minute podcast about their conference that they released today.
   majornelson.com   639: Pre-E3 2019 With Phil Spencer  I had a change to chat with Phil Spencer on the eve of the 2019 E3 Briefing   majornelson.com majornelson.com    
  • Phil Spencer won't be on stage as much this year because it's about the games and letting the games talk for themselves
  • More games than they've ever had on their stage in Microsoft's E3 history at the briefing
  • Phil Spencer thought that Stadia presentation was great, says people need to stop thinking of game companies as "needs to win and take down the other", they're competitors but they root for each other​
  • Phil Spencer says we are seeing a shift in the games industry, notes that E3 is different this year because Netflix, Amazon and Google are all at E3 this year. He also says he thinks E3 is more focused on consumers and fans instead of press or retail in the digital era.​
  • Microsoft thinks E3 is important to see the fan reactions to all of the announcements, no plans to stop doing E3.
  • xCloud is confirmed in the show and is releasing this year, will get feedback from customers to make it better. Microsoft thinks it's the future. Phil says it's very important that people understand that xCloud's mission isn't to replace PC, console or phone. It's about choice to play games whatever way you want to play.
  • 14 first-party games is a minimum and isn't the maximum of first-party games you will see, however he tweeted that there would be 14 because he didn't want people to start saying things like "how many studios do they have and how many partnerships do they have and how many of those games are new, what counts as a first party game", etc. He says "let's just say we have a lot of first party studio representation at E3 this year and a lot of games to show."
  • Microsoft doesn't know how long the show will be, they still have two more rehearsals left and they're trying to get the show down to 90 minutes which is their "sweet spot", but it might run longer. Phil Spencer says that they know gamers don't want to see him or anyone else talking for long periods of time and that will help a lot in bringing down the runtime of their show tomorrow.