What Countries Have You Visited?

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Started by Xevross, Feb 07, 2019, 08:37 PM

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I was reading the Era thread about passport ownership and I was shocked about so many americans never leaving their own country. It got me thinking about how many countries I'd been to, and all the different cultures I've experienced. I feel like experiencing different peoples and cultures is so important in developing your understanding for the world and your empathy for the rest of humanity.

Anyways, here's the countries I've visited:

UK - obviously I like in England but I've been to Scotland and Wales a couple of times each. Both very nice places with good countryside.
Spain - my Dad's wife is Spanish and lives in Madrid, I've been to Spain more than 10 times due to this. I love Spain. Its also interesting how different Madrid, the north coast and the south coast are. I've also been to Ibiza twice, Mallorca once and Tenerife once.
France - I've been 5 times. 3 times to Disneyland, once to Paris and once on a day trip to Chamonix. I do really like Paris though.
Denmark - I went on a short holiday to Copenhagen, which is a wonderful city. I love the Danish way of life, its so relaxing.
Sweden - One day on the Copenhagen trip we took the train to Malmo. I also had a short holiday to Stockholm. Very similar to Copenhagen in terms of culture and way of life, although Stockholm is an absolutely beautiful city with so, so much to do for its size.
Norway - I went on a day trip to Oslo once, funny story. Quite a nice city, very cold!
Switzerland - I went on a school trip to Geneva, where we went to CERN and had day trips to Chamonix and Bern. Really great place, amazing chocolate too.
Italy - I've been to Rome on a school trip. The sights like the colosseum are fantastic, and Italians are hilarious people.
USA - I've only ever been to Florida which is something I want to fix, although I have been 3 times. I like American people, and American breakfast.
Turkey - One of my best holidays was to Turkey, where we stayed in a 5* hotel for two weeks and had a planned holiday of lots of awesome day trips like going to historic Turkish Baths and boat rides though caves.
Portugal - I've been to Portugal twice, once with family and once with friends. Its very similar to Spain, but the people are quite different.

So I've been to 11 different countries, 13 if you count Scotland and Wales (which are technically different countries) and 16 if you count the different Spanish islands. I've been abroad about 25 times in my 20 years of life, and for that I'm very grateful. I hope I get to continue going to new countries. Canada, Iceland, Japan, Germany, Greece and more of USA are definitely on my list of places to go.

So what about you guys, where have you been and where do you want to go in the future?