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Started by Legend, Oct 23, 2018, 03:57 PM

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Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for making Twisty Puzzle Simulator for the PS4, and thank you for not making it PSVR only (I don't own one yet). I've been collecting/twisting puzzles for 25+ years and was hoping someone would make a game like this (for consoles, I stopped PC gaming years ago).  I seriously can't stop playing this game, there are a bunch of puzzles that I will probably never be able to solve but I'll keep trying. The 4x4x4 is my all time favorite puzzle to solve, I'm so glad it's in the game ;D.

It's awesome to see that you are adding more content to the game, I can't wait to try the update(s). If you ever add some new puzzles, it would be nice to see some "easier" puzzles for those who find a 3x3x3 a bit daunting and some other well know shapes/sized puzzles (like the Pyramid). My wishlist for puzzles would be:
• 1x1x3
• 2x2x3
• 3x3x2
• 2x2 Dodecahedron
• 2x2 Pyramid
• 3x3 Pyramid

I've only seen 6 instances of codes hidden within the game, and figured out a bunch more (19 codes total so far). Is it ok if I post the codes I have here in the forums?

Also, can you give me any clues on the codes for:
• Tricky Tower (I figured out the code once, but couldn't remember what it was after I unlocked it :'( )
• 96 Cube
• Imposter Cube
• Corner Cube
• Mike's Mixup
• 2x2x2 Squared
• Mike's Jumble

Also, any hints on how to decipher: