Twisty Puzzle Simulator OT: piece by piece

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Started by Legend, Oct 23, 2018, 03:57 PM

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Another progress update. Again this is still in development with non final assets.

This is from Twisty Puzzle Simulator's upcoming campaign. Players work their way up the castle solving increasingly harder puzzles. Progression is set up so that even people without experience with twisty puzzles will gradually learn how to solve them.

But then everything goes back to where it was and you're no closer to solving the second half!
Solve just one element of the second half then do the reverse. e.g. you want to swap two edges so you twist the puzzle until the second half now has them in the correct place but the first half is messed up. Then rotate the second half and do the opposite twists to put everything back the way it was. This swaps two edges and then swaps another two edges while leaving the first half untouched.