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Started by Legend, Mar 12, 2018, 11:09 PM

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VizionEck Cube Royale is now targeting a 2019 release.

This delay is primarily driven by the release process. Development has kept to schedule and is not taking longer than expected.

I apologize for the delay and hope you understand.

Given my track record with delays, I know you've grown tired of seeing a version of this post every year. I was very confident Cube Royale would release in 2018 so I won't just say that again for 2019. Instead, I'm treating the new date as exactly what it is: a target. The end is in sight and I've already started thinking about how to avoid so many delays for my next project, but for now Cube Royale continues to be unpredictable.
No need to apologise. I'm just glad you can see the end in sight.