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Started by Xevross, Aug 14, 2014, 02:56 PM

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Still funny seeing the ps4 version still selling much more then the xbox version in their second strongest market. WW the ratio will be the usual playstation bloodbath. Ps4 version might not be selling well but xbox is horrendous. So not only was the deal damaging for SE, in the long run it did diddly squat for micro.
I honestly think the digital ratio will be 40+% in the uk easily. If it was only 40% then in the uk this is over 500k already. Just insane and has fooking blown me away. I was like it will be hard to beat god of war. Well guess what. It fooking blew it away.

Hopefully on Wednesday we find out Japan had a good week 2. Comg showed it had a small drop to week 2 and its still #1 on amazon Japan. If it has a good second week then fook me because Japan traditionally has very steep week 2 sales. Digital in Japan will be impressive too because it sold 96% of its stock week 1.

I'm so hype to hear the pr. The only question is it week 1 or 2 weeks pr they give  They might hold out for 2 weeks because the number will be very impressive and over 5m.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Goes Gold - GameSpot

Lmao tomb raider when gold in July. Why the fook did they not release it at the start of August. Who's running SE? This is Ludicrous.
Microsoft got a few extra Xbox One sales in holiday 2015 from it. I don't know if it was enough to be worth what they payed, but I sure hope it was. Otherwise, the deal was terrible for both Squeenix and MS which is just tragic. Squeenix have mismanaged this franchise in so many ways its such a shame. Could have been an Uncharted competitor/ replacement but now its just an afterthought to the genre.

SE have had a bad gen. It feels like out of their major franchises the only one they've gotten right is DQ, they've also had some good success with games like Nier and Octopath but that's about it. They need to turn it around.

I think they'll stick to their usual week 1 sales announcement but then very quickly announce the extra milestones once they're reached.