Next-gen MS console is codenamed Scarlett (Update: 2020 rumors).

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Started by ethomaz, Jun 11, 2018, 11:40 AM

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i can 100% believe every game announce this/next year are cross-gen titles because titles announced this year will be 2019+ and well,.. generations and intentionally blurry right now. forward/backward compatibility is more an expectation than a surprise.

but next gen only?  i call battleship on that.
Yeah any big title launching when a next gen console is out will be cross gen. So they all make sense. Next gen only is dumb though. At the start of this gen we had cross gen games for ages.
Bethesda said the Starfield is next-gen only with no PS4/XB1 version in mind.

They said The Elder of Scrolls VI won't come before Starfield... so it is next-gen only too.

You guys can't not believe but right now they are announced only for next-gen :D