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Started by nnodley, Dec 28, 2017, 04:07 PM

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Mostly I chose it because there isn't a lot known about it so I can take a lot of liberty's and creative freedom with it to do my own thing and not be hindered by real world science.  Though I want to have some of that in my universe as well, but I like the idea of having a lot of freedom to work with.  Like I myself believe current scifi elements are super angular and have so many unnecessary details that are only their to give a futuristic look.  A lot of my man made stuff is going to have a sleek/modern vibe, but hopefully feel futuristic as well.  

Also because not much is known about dark matter its used as a basis and used for all the technology in my universe since I can get away with it since no ones knows what(if it ever gets fully discovered and studied) it can be used for. Or if can at all.  Most of that sort of stuff will be revealed in this game through collectibles.  

There is also a twist to where dark matter comes from in my game that I'm hoping works out and is super cool.  But you will all have to play the game.
Yeah that's a great idea. We know a lot of what dark matter should be but its not like any physicist will write a paper about everything your game might have gotten wrong :P

Sounds cool!