Nintendo Direct mini January 11th (early 2018 games)

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Started by the-pi-guy, Jan 11, 2018, 02:51 PM

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Pretty hilarious to see how averse resetera has become to critcizing Nintendo. They've been hyping this Direct into high heavens, saying people shouldn't say Nintendo has a barren 1st half of the year before this direct and how the time to vote for the most anticipated games of the year should be prolonged because surely this direct would change the of such a vote etc.

And now people are downplaying, saying people shouldn't have expected much anyways, that people should wait for the proper direct and some are acting like this lineup of largely filler games and throwaway ports is actually good.
You'd figure after 35 years of Nintendo releasing the same games on the same schedule, they'd have realized Nintendo wasn't going to have anything new until Smash Bros (Or Pokemon).  There might be a cheap release here and there, but it's more or less the same schedule.  Then 2 years after Smash Bros. they're going to release new hardware so they can resell you the same games.  I honestly say it's worse with the Switch, cause at least until this point, Nintendo never ported games, they just remade them with a new coat of paint.  Now they're just directly re-releasing them.