Microsoft E3 Press Conference 2017

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Started by Xevross, Jun 11, 2017, 05:51 PM

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Spencer: We Have Just Signed Exclusives That WonÂ’t Be Ready for 2-3 Years, No Point i - NeoGAF
I agree and disagree with Spencer here, sometimes you can make appeal to consumers to make a blind leap of faith ala Phantom Dust/Scalebound and it can end miserably. So you can see how those situations should be avoided and its best to focus on the near future, however if theres one thing that bolsters trust in a brand its showing long-term software support. So whats more important, excitement or accuracy?
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In other words, don't expect much of anything from them until at least 2019, possibly 2020.
"Xbox Two is going to have soo many games!"