Microsoft E3 Press Conference 2017

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Started by Xevross, Jun 11, 2017, 05:51 PM

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i hope this year people will finally start blaming phil spencer for the lack of first party games and actual exclusives developed by MS. they literally announced 1 AAA exclusive which is a yearly a franchise (Forza). other than that nothing. Phil has been here for 4 years now. and his comments about "first party being important" were obviously all talk.
Exactly. I was just about to say this. People on GAF and Reddit were talking about 2017 as if this was the year we start seeing "the fruits of Phil's labor" in regards to games. Like, as if he was going to come out and announce a bunch of new studios with a bunch of exclusive first-party titles in development. Once again, they're left with him repeating the same old lines and using buzzwords to gloss over the fact that he doesn't have jack shame to sell them. His legacy at this point is nothing more than deconstructing what Mattrick built and signing timed exclusivity deals with third-party companies while allowing first-party to shrink into a shadow of itself and spitting out aging franchises on a constant basis as if Activision is a great model to follow.