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Started by Legend, Feb 26, 2017, 05:15 PM

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Isn't this a bit early? :o
Only 3 months.

Also floor plans just went up and I needed a thread to post them in.
The E3 2017 floor plans are up (preliminary/partially) - NeoGAF

Disclaimer: If these resources have been made available to the public by error or if it works as intended I do not know. Floorplans documents have been obtained through legit means anyway.
 Today, on February 26, 2017, I noticed when visiting https://www.e3expo.com a new section called Currently Exhibiting had been added. It includes items like Exhibitor FAQ, Promotional Opportunities, Exhibitor Registration and much more. Of greater interest are these following items:Exhibitor Portal (links to the E3 2016 exhibitor section currently)Exhibitor ManualExhibitor Order Forms
 The Exhibitor Order Forms links to a page by GES, and this page features target floor plans:South Hall/West Hall/Concourse Hall/2nd Level Meeting Rooms

The E3 2016 floorplans are available for comparison here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthre...ighlight=floorMicrosoft
 Microsoft is in South Hall this year, usually they are in West Hall.
 1601 (150 ft x 100 ft, 15000 sq ft)Nintendo of America
 In West Hall
 4822 (100 ft x 200 ft, 20000 sq ft)
 5244 (110 ft x 90 ft, 9900 sq ft)
 5644 (30 ft x 70 ft, 2100 sq ft)
 32000 sq ft total.
 It's likely Nintendo has reserved the theatre as well.Sony Interactive Entertainment America
 In West Hall
 4244 (30 ft x 90 ft, 2700 sq ft)
 4322 (150 ft x 200 ft, 30000 sq ft)
 4556 (80 ft x 60 ft, 4800 sq ft)
 37500 sq ft total