Announcement: VizionEck will release as two separate games

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Started by Legend, Feb 08, 2017, 09:50 PM

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VizionEck Battle will release this year as the world's first cube combat game. It's the full multiplayer package with free DLC and no microtransactions.

The puzzle-platformer VizionEck Adventure will release significantly later.

Frankly it was stupid of me to combine these two games in the first place. They're completely different from one another and only shared a home menu. I've posted before about how I regretted merging them, but a few months ago I realized it wasn't too late to rip them back apart.

Here are some of the reasons this is better, both for players and myself.

  • Time: Adventure is a much larger game than Battle and needs much more time to develop. By releasing them separately, Battle can release earlier than before.

  • Different Audience: Adventure and Battle are completely different games that appeal to mostly different gamers. I determined it'd be better to let players buy what they want instead of being forced to pay for a mode they don't care about. VizionEck Battle will be cheaper than what VizionEck would have cost.

  • Marketing: I've struggled a lot with marketing VizionEck primarily because it was essentially two games sold as one. There wasn't a unified theme or an easy way to sell the concept as a package. Now I'll be able to market VizionEck Battle as VizionEck Battle. Plus since I've struggled with marketing, the vast majority of interested gamers don't even know VizionEck had a single player puzzle campaign. To them, VizionEck Battle is just VizionEck.

  • Experience: I have yet to release a commercial game. By releasing VizionEck Battle first, I can hopefully better prepare myself for releasing VizionEck Adventure. Adventure is 10 times larger than Battle and I'd really rather make mistakes on a smaller project first. Plus Battle can be improved with patches and free DLC, while Adventure cannot.

VizionEck Battle and VizionEck Adventure are internal names that might change. Please recommend Battle names if you've got them. VizionEck: Cube Combat Evolved sounds fun to me.