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Started by the-pi-guy, Mar 13, 2016, 10:39 PM

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Been working on a project every so often, the past few days.
Basically I made a text file that contains the unicodes for Japanese characters (at least hiragana and katakana).
The text file was supposed to make it easy for expansion, so I could start adding Kanji characters very easily.  

Been having troubles implementing this in Java.  Was reading up about better ways to implement the text file reader.  I was having issues, because the IDE that I'm using wasn't able to show the characters, so without implementing something, there was no way to find out if the program was working.  
So I implemented a little drawing interface, and found a really easy way to make the character importer worked (a few days after I started....)  Would have been nice to find out about that earlier.  
Then I was able to quickly make a thing that would convert the hexadecimal to the characters they needed to be.  
So the character importer is now working!  
What's your end goal?

I use monodevelop with Unity and so far it has every foreign character. Can also change its font if you need support for something specific.

When you mention hexadecimal, are you talking about Unicode encoding? Like 6F22 being the code for 漢?