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Started by Legend, May 31, 2015, 10:03 PM

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Right now the game feels like it has a good amount of strategy options so that's nice. I'm using every button except L3 and R3 though so hopefully I can optomize that a bit. Just today I added a mechanic that uses all of the d-pad so it was lucky I wasn't already using that.
What would be really cool is using every button several times over.  ;)
(I actually wanted to do something kinda like that.  Every button except the directional buttons.)

Unity doesn't support multiple audio listeners. Splitscreen just isn't that popular I guess. So now I'm having to create my own audio system for Battle.
Works out I guess but it'll be pretty basic.
Clearly the solution is to switch between each one.  Just enable and disable each one like 60 times a second!
(I know nothing.)