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Started by Legend, May 31, 2015, 10:03 PM

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I don't like infection/zombie modes. It feels off to me that as a human your only goal is to survive, yet if you fail you just switch to the winning team. I'd love it so much more if one team or the other was purely AI controlled. That way when you died and turn into a zombie, it's now a different being controlling your character. You've failed and that's that. Only negative of this approach compared to classic zombies is that dead players don't get to keep playing.

I'm sure I'll include a traditional Infection mode and one could always make one with the custom mode creation tool, but it doesn't sound fun to me.

How about any of you guys. What are your thoughts on Infect/Zombie modes?
Actually I think it's quite easy. So the way I'm thinking about it would be the Zombie team is always going to loose the match. The goal is not to be a Zombie when the Match ends. RNG is used to detriment Who gets placed on the Zombie team at the start and how long the match is. Grantee a match of at least 3-4 mins but beyond that who knows when the buzzard will ring. Anyone who's a zombie at the end of the game looses. So Zombie kills a Human Becomes Human While the killed Player becomes Zombie and vice versa.