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Title: Do you have Netflix because of the exclusives?
Post by: the-pi-guy on Oct 05, 2020, 05:26 PM
I've heard this argument a number of times lately This argument was even made with regards to DVDs.  

Personally I don't have Netflix because it has stuff found nowhere else.  
Especially most of the stuff I've watched on Netflix is stuff easily accessible on DVD.

I would say I have Netflix because it has a decent gamut of TV shows and movies at a decent price. Not really because it has anything exclusive to the platform.  

Kind of the opposite of how I view games.  But I pin that down to the fact that gaming consoles are more exclusive compared to DVDs. If I want to play a PS game I have to get a PS.  If I want to watch a Sony movie, I can use whatever DVD player I find in any dirty garage.
Title: Re: Do you have Netflix because of the exclusives?
Post by: DerNebel on Oct 05, 2020, 05:31 PM
I have Netflix mostly because I'm too lazy to cancel it.

Also my aunt and uncle are using my Netflix account.
Title: Re: Do you have Netflix because of the exclusives?
Post by: kitler53 on Oct 05, 2020, 06:05 PM
i have netflix because i "cut the cord" to cable essentially 17 years ago right after i graduated college and no longer lived with roomates that insisted we had to have it.  our cable bills were always around $230 and i just never saw the value in it.   to be honest as an avid gamer i just don't put much value on TV.

for a while i had no TV other than rabbit ears.   i didn't care,.. i was living alone and was playing WoW.  for a few years it could be said i watched no TV at all and didn't care.  eventually i picked up netflix just to have some occasional things to watch.  i can't remember exactly when this was but is was a bit before netflix launched their streaming platform.  it was just a disc service and frankly my gf (now wife) was the primary reason i got it.  she wanted it.

but i took to the streaming service like a fish to water right away.  netflix was mind-blowingly convenient.  watch whatever i want whenever i want and not have to fudge around with a dvr to schedule recordings like i did in college.  it didn't have a ton of content but since i don't really value tv it didn't bother me at all.

these days i pretty much exclusively watch netflix originals content.   it's good.  good enough anyways.  some shows are dang awesome.   ..some not so much.   but its the vast majority of content on the service so it's the vast majority of content i watch.

but i can really express why i watch netflix as this:
1. i don't value tv any more than my current $12 a month netflix subscription
    --> that means i won't pay for cable and i won't pay for a second service no matter what content is on it.
2. having now established i'll only pay for 1 tv subscription the only question is which one.   i'll then counter by asking,.. what other service even comes close to competing?
   - netflix releases vastly more new content than any other service
   - netflix has the most well rounded content (tv and movies that cover every genre in a way that not only satisfies me but also the wife and kids)
   - netflix still has the best UiUx of any of the other services

frankly i have no loyalty to netflix.  if one of the other services was as good as netflix i'd switch.   but:
 - amazon has almost no context and the UX is absolute trash
 - disney+ has amazing kids content but almost nothing for me or my wife to watch and the amount of new content is very limited.
 - HBO has amazing adult content but almost nothing for my kids to watch and the amount of new content is very limited.
 - apple tv.  lulz.
 - hulu is probably the best runner up to netflix.  i absolutely refuse to watch commercials though and hulu's ad free teir is the same price as netflix.  for the same price hulu has a worse UiUx and far less original content.  they do have a very impressive backlog of old content that i love but i'm not that into rewatching shows.

disney+ is the only service that i'm even remotely tempted to get.  and frankly it's not because i want it but because my kids are 4 and 6.   i'll probably pick it up soon but i'll drop it like a rock in less than 10 years if the market looks the same as it does today.
Title: Re: Do you have Netflix because of the exclusives?
Post by: Legend on Oct 05, 2020, 06:10 PM
I don't have netflix but when I do, it's because of the exclusives.

I hardly watch tv shows.
Title: Re: Do you have Netflix because of the exclusives?
Post by: darkknightkryta on Oct 06, 2020, 04:38 PM
I use it for the same reason Kitler does.  When I need to watch something, I'll just flip through to see what's there.  It's either an anime, or a Saturday Morning like cartoon/show.