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Title: Cuphead coming to Switch
Post by: the-pi-guy on Mar 20, 2019, 06:14 PM
Cuphead coming to Nintendo Switch April 18, 2019, Xbox Live integration coming later | ResetEra (

Just announced at Nindies Showcase.

 Pre-order available today.

 EDIT: Thank you  Dash Kappei  (

 Cuphead's IP and game is fully owned by Studio MDHR.

 Port is handled in-house by Studio MDHR themeselves.

 720p/60fps on handheld mode!

 Xbox Live integration will come (later) with achievements.

 DLC is also coming and it's date and date with Xbox and PC.

 A Physical Edition coming soon (no specific date given yet) after the DLC is out. Rumour: also a neat CE is planned.

 Also new features (coming as a free patch to all current owners on all platforms) such as:
 •character select with playable Mugman in single player!
 •Fully animated cut scenes
 •10 different localized language support (choosable from the menu)...including CUSTOM Japanese/Korean/Chinese hand calligraphy!
 •New art, new intros, new jingle when you beat a boss with Mugman.
 •Faster load times
 •Smaller footprint on your hard drive
 •...And more!

 Switch version will have an offline version of the Achievements (with our own custom achievement sound and popup!) day 1 and XBL Achievements later.

 Switch version will be fully playable at PAX next week.

 EDIT 2: Official Trailer

 PRICE IS $19.99.  
Title: Re: Cuphead coming to Switch
Post by: Legend on Mar 21, 2019, 02:10 AM
lol I forgot I had a switch when I first scrolled past this.

I bet I'll buy this!