The VR thread. U R Not red(e) PSVR2 is legitimate!

Started by Mmm_fish_tacos, Sep 05, 2015, 06:10 PM

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How sick of Pi's VR hype are you?

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Inside Reality Labs Research: Meet the team that's working to bring touch to the digital world
I liked the talk about a rendering engine for touch.

I remain unconvinced though that such a glove could properly work with anything besides handheld objects. The handshakes imo would feel uncanny without the extra forces pulling and pushing the hand as a whole.

I'm pessimistic we'll have a worthwhile solution anytime soon. It was really really cool in the void being able to touch everything and pick up guns in vr, and that even included foot feedback depending on what you walked on, but it was still a secondary part of the experience.


The guy in the middle is from Psytec Games. They make PSVR/PCVR/Quest 2 games.

Most of the stuff he is talking about he clearly doesn't know what the situation is.

But he also talks about their PSVR game getting a patch for PSVR2, which I would imagine he could get in trouble for that?
He also talks about the rumors as if they're pretty confirmed.

Supposedly someone on the show said that Sony is talking to Valve for Half Life Alyx, but I didn't hear it for myself.


Lucky's Tale coming to PSVR, Steam. Already launched on Quest 2.


Sony Corp (not SIE) showing off a small dual 4K display VR headset.




Steam Support :: Half-Life: Alyx - Streaming/Spectating Guide

Spectator Eye: Left, Right

Choose whether the spectator view displays the output from your left or right eye. We recommend setting it to whichever eye you usually aim down, so people watching you play will be able to look down weapon sights with you.
I've never thought about this, but this is interesting.


Steam Support :: Half-Life: Alyx - Streaming/Spectating Guide

I've never thought about this, but this is interesting.

Aiming down sights is a pretty good counter reason, but I always wished a 3rd camera could just be rendered in the middle. Will be even more desirable as eye tracking and foveated rendering become a thing.

Speaking of uncommon vr things, I really hope it becomes standard to move the camera as the eye rotates. The perspective change is so minor but I want that level of detail!

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