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Started by Dr. Pezus, May 07, 2014, 03:24 PM

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Is it nerdy and for older people too or is it just a great kids show that anyone can enjoy?
Id say it's fairly nerdy.  

This article is glowing with praise and compared it to x-files.  

'Gravity Falls' Is The Best Show On Television


Season 3 is ramping up. Wow, episode 5 was so good. One long shot too
Season 3 is the best season of Mr. Robot!


If you have not watched The Sinner, GO WATCH IT!! First episode of season 2 was great and weird.


I saw an episode of Cloak and Dagger. Kinda interesting  :P


fudge!!  Game changing season finale of The 100.  SO GOOD!

It actually quite possibly is easily one of my favorite season finales ever.

Dr. Pezus

Wait, what's up with that very last scene of Mr Robot season 3? Who is the 'homie' that walks up to Darlene.

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