Elon Musk is buying out Tesla shares to make it a private company. $71 billion total offered, vote needed

Started by Legend, Aug 07, 2018, 07:15 PM

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NASDAQ has halted Tesla trading.

edt: https://www.tesla.com/blog/taking-tesla-private



Over a tweet? They still need to take a vote. Why would they hault?
Tesla.com posted it after the tweet.

Lots of details in it.

Vote would probably pass since it gives everyone the option of staying.


Good.  The shareholder model is a cancer to the world.



Larry Page says he wants his fortune to go to Elon Musk. Alphabet is the next best thing. - Vox
Yeah lots of speculation that Google or google related people are financing this. Could also be a foreign country or some of Musk's other billionaire friends.