How are you feeling about the games industry?

Started by Legend, Jan 31, 2018, 05:47 AM

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I've been noticing my own views slowly changing and we definitely don't all agree so maybe this could be an interesting discussion.

I'm all but over AAA gaming. Awesome ones can still happen like Horizon Zero Dawn but they seem to be rarer and rarer. Also predatory practices just keep getting worse and worse so I've lost faith in them doing anything but going farther down the drain, at least in the short term. I'm still very hyped for a lot of big games but I've kinda got a lot more pessimistic with it. IE I hope GOW is great since it looks great, but I'm not a nearly guaranteed purchase like I would have been in the past. Instead I'm going to wait for reviews and impressions, and maybe even a price drop. Death Stranding is probably the only game I'm already sold on, but they could still screw it up with microtransactions. Speaking of microtransactions, I'm still boycotting games with rng microtransactions. That's mostly from me feeling disinterested in how they damage the rest of the game, but I also don't mind thinking of it as an actual boycott.

Smaller and indie games are where it's at. They're cheap and tend to feel so less scummy. I'm really looking forward to a lot of games and how this side of the industry evolves.

Also I've really embraced playing games way after they release. I'm really not a multiplayer gamer so it's a good way to save money. Also if you have a mediocre game with tons of microtransactions but you bought it super cheap and have low expectations, it's a lot more fun. Even though I'm really disliking some ways the industry is going, I'm pretty ok just as a player. Gaming is still incredibly fun overall.


I'm kind of the same. I've soured quite a lot on AAA games and I'm avoiding ones with malicious microtransaction strategies. I'm still very happy with Sony and Nintendo at the moment, who are both solidly putting out top quality games with excellent value for money. The Switch itself is making me much more positive, its a wonderful console.

I've become a bit more interested in indies recently but I'm still not very big on them. If I hear of ones that are really good like Undertale, Golf Story and more recently Celeste I'm likely to pick them up.


I'm worried about the practices in the industry.  I really hope that someday I can be running a nice AAA studio.  I'm not worried about the quality of games though.  


Eh, i still love me some triple AAA games, but i'm a lot more picky about them now.  I am however absolutely finished ever wanting to work at a triple AAA studio.  Its horrible the amount of time people put in on these games only to be underpaid and potentially ruining their health.  I'm hoping with starting this studio with a few people I know we can be able to make quality games, pay people fudgy well, and not have to have them work terribly long hours and if they do try and compensate them as much as we can.


Quality of games are great, never better. Both triple A and indie.
As a console only guy I'm glad that consoles are now more approachable for indie developers because some of the best experiences I've had are from indies. I'm constantly scanning the store for my next indie hit.
But I do share my concerns on some of the practices taken by the big publishers.


Can't say I enjoy indie games, but I don't enjoy AAA games not from Sony either.  I find I only want one game in the foreseeable future; Spider-man.