What's your Christmas gaming wishlist?

Started by Legend, Nov 18, 2017, 07:48 PM

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I guess you can include games you've already bought in November.

Dr. Pezus

Hmm not much.
GTS, AC Origins perhaps but I'm not super stoked for them honestly.

Kind of want a switch for that Mario and stuff but too expensive imo


Maybe Mario for Switch. I don't think there's anything else I'd want at the moment.


As I said in the Nintendo thread: a switch with Mario kart 8D, Mario Odyssey and kingdom battle, plus maybe XC2. Also I want to pick up Divinity Original Sin 2 on Steam if it goes on sale.

Cute Pikachu

PS4 Pro with Horizon Zero Dawn, Wolfenstein 2(May just get the switch version who knows), Th Evil Within 2, AC Orgins.
The Vizioneck Nintendo Fanboy!

Switch Software Sales Guide:


AC Origins
Stellaris DLC
Blood Sweat Pixels book


A switch would be nice.