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Started by the-pi-guy, Jun 08, 2017, 12:22 PM

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I dunno, it's stupid. But at the same time if a country has a tariff on our goods and then get mad if we impose a tariff on their goods of equal value then they shouldn't have the right to complain. Most of the list I've seen show we usually dont impose a tariff or it's so small it doesn't matter. He actually asked for all tariffs to be reset to zero which would have been truly fair trade. But was ignored.


I agree with tariffs on manufactured products.    I don't agree with them on resources.  Trump did the latter.  Now steel and aluminum prices have skyrocketted in the U.S. because of a new found monopoly.  This will force even more jobs away and affect the middle class.  Who benefits?  The few billionaires who own steel mills.  Who does this hurt?  Everyone else.  Now if Trump targeted manufactured products, you'd still have cheap steel, and you'll also give a good reason to bring manufacturing back.


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Its a key week for brexit, with Theresa May supposedly gaining cabinet approval for her plans a couple of days ago after the cabinet was fighting over it for months. It seems like that approval was a lie, as the brexit secretary David Davis resigned last night and the foreign secretary Boris Johnson just resigned. This is after he skipped a COBRA meeting on the new developments in the Russia nerve agent case, and now he's not attending a summit he was supposed to host with some EU members starting about 8 minutes ago.

The brexit plan was supposed to be put to parliament today, but MPs are unhappy ministers are doing most of it themselves and bypassing parliament too much.

UK politics in disarray, what a surprise.

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