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Started by the-pi-guy, Mar 13, 2016, 10:39 PM

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Do you ever run a program, and then it runs way faster or better than you expected, and you're totally convinced something must be up?

I wrote a program to check 500 billion combinations of numbers , and it finished in like 5 minutes.  That didn't seem so bad.
Every day!

But normally that's because something actually is messed up.


So I have 5 graphics books (each that I got free/super cheap), and at least 2 other books that talk about graphics, but aren't their main subject.

It is kind of interesting looking over what topics each book covers.  

There's a lot of standard material like viewing, transformations, and lighting.  

But some of the books go much more in depth with a subject than the others.  And some seem to cover things the others don't at all.  Which is pretty cool.  
Like one of these books dedicates a full 20 page chapter to AA, whereas most of the other books only have about a page on it.  
One of these also has a chapter on fluid simulation and another on rotational physics.  

A couple of these books also dedicate a lot of space to things like fractals and ray tracing.  

One of them spends like 8 pages on hidden surface removal, and another spends like 30.  

I really want to get into all the material in these books.  Going to be a lot, I don't know when i'll have time.  

It's pretty cool, nonetheless.  

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