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Started by Raven, Jan 23, 2017, 05:40 AM

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Not sure if this is a good source.

The Status of Star Citizen
No. During CitizenCon last year they did a slideshow and pointed out that development on Star Citizen didn't begin until January 2013. They didn't even start crowdfunding to be able to get started on it until October 2012. The only thing about Star Citizen that existed prior to that was some concept art, a few pieces of literature to describe the universe, and then a CG trailer used to promote the concept for crowdfunding. The game has only been in development, technically speaking, for 4 years now. Practically, considering they needed to greatly expand the team, acquire studio spaces, and get together the development tools to get started, the game didn't really go into production until about 2.5 years ago at most.