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I posted that already!
Fake news.

So the dollar GoW sales don't include the bundle, which was the top selling HW SKU. So we know that it must have sold a couple hundred k more from bundles. Must be very close to 2m.
I'd be very upset if it was 2019. Also it just doesn't seem to make sense from a business perspective either, PS4 is still doing crazy well and has lots of time to drop in price too.
PS4 will not stop selling with the release of PS5.
From a business pov why would they wait for the competition to get the jump on them. Strike while the iron is hot and roll with the momentum going into next gen.
Sony predict sales to dip this year and probably dip again next next. With the momentum starting to wain now, why wait for momentum to slow before releasing a new console.
Can I give you more information? Can you give me a link?
I just realized that what you said was a good thing for me.
"During Awards Season People Will Realize God of War is not a 10" (by some people on the internet) | ResetEra

Si I've read this (some person said that it's the best 8.5/10 of your life) and got me wondering: Regardless of what I think about the game, right now it seems like the press have made up their mind (and heart) and even if they think the game is... I don't know, a 6/10, it looks like everything before it is less than that so, it doesn't have to be a 10 by the end of the year everything else would be lesser. Now, projecting into the future, it's expected that Red Dead Redemption 2 will get major attention but other than that what else could compete? Spider-Man? Smash Bross? It's undenniable that God of War will be in the conversation whether people think it deserves it or not and it'd be weird if the press would backpedal on their claims so much. An example used to back up this claim was Uncharted 4, stating that it got a lot of 10s and by award season got brought down because "people" changed their opinion but that game still got a lot of goty's so... Do you feel that press is on a famous honeymoon phase and got carried away? Personally I think they were to vocal to turn around. (I'm not saying nothing can top it, juts that it'd be weird is they suddenly say "you know, actually it wasn't that good). Bring ragnarok upon me if I'm not making any sense.  
Dualshock 4 is the best selling gamepad of all time :o
I posted that already!
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Playstation Network has 80+ Million MAUs, 800+ Million weekly gameplay hours on PS4 | ResetEra

Announced today at Sony IR Day 2018. 10 million increase from last year when 70+ Million was reported.(​IMG)  
Glad I held off for ps5 vr
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