How much do you drive regularly?

Started by the-pi-guy, Oct 02, 2017, 11:24 AM

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Daily, at least 4 days a week.

More than 2 hours daily
0 (0%)
1-2 hours daily
2 (50%)
45-60 minutes daily
0 (0%)
30-44 minutes daily
1 (25%)
15-29 minutes daily
1 (25%)
1-14 minutes daily.
0 (0%)
I don't drive at all
0 (0%)

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How much do you drive in a regular day?  


I don't drive at all during a regular day, but I regularly drive around an hour every few days.


I drive around an hour and a half to and from school, just about every day.  

Sometimes I drive another half hour to pick up wifey.  

Dr. Pez

About an hour to and from work most days. Then I drive to gym, shopping, family etc which adds up to maybe 15-20 minutes more per day on average