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Started by Dr. Pezus, May 03, 2014, 03:25 PM

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Dr. Pezus

Also downloaded the fifa world cup trial. Picked Iceland, naturally, and tied 2-2 with Argentina. They went 2 ahead before I scored two in 5 minutes after 80 mins


I finished Detroit, got the best ending. Lots of problems I have with the game but I like it. I might watch some videos to check out other endings, I can't be bothered to play back through it again, its too annoying to play.

Falls quite short of Heavy Rain for me but still enjoyable.


Ethomaz I see they banned you for 2 weeks on Are you still a poster on neogaf?


PSVVR is 320 with Skyrim.  Should I pull the trigger?
What is PSVVR? Virtual Virtual Reality? VRception?
dang this is getting out of hand. We'll being living some sort of Matrix style life in a few generations. Trump needs to step in now, stop it and nip it in the bud.

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