What games have you gotten the platinum?

Started by the-pi-guy, Jul 15, 2017, 02:23 PM

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Someone here is going to have a ludicrous list...  

I think I have the platinum in 4 games (in order)
-Uncharted 2
-Jak and Daxter



Planning to make FFXV my first (and possibly only) platinum soon.


Uncharted 3
Uncharted GA
Uncharted 4

I Kinda want to replay the witness and get its platinum.

Ludicrous Speed

Just Cause 2
Infamous 2
The Odor 1886
Bioshock Infinite
Far Cry 3
Borderlands 2
Madden 12
NCAA Football 13
Madden 11
NCAA Football 11
Cars 2
Medal of Honor


Nier Automata (but I essentially bought that ingame, so it doesn't really count)
Gravity Rush Remastered
The Witness
Ni No Kuni
Uncharted 1-3
Killzone 3
God of War 1&2
Final Fantasy XIII (for whatever reason)
and Bayonetta

For how much I've been clamouring for the game I should at least also get the Persona 5 plat, but I'm not ready for a third playthrough just yet, not having the Uncharted 4 plat is also sticking out like a sore thumb.

Dr. Pezus

The telltale games hehe


24 plats

Uncharted games both ps3 and ps4 versions
Most of the telltale games
2-3 assassins creed game
Far cry 3
Life is Strange
God of War 3(ps3 and Ps4)
The Order 1886
Shadow of Mordor
Infamous second son
Infamous first light
Infamous 2
I think I had one for Harry Potter & the order of the phoenix

Might be missing a couple

I really want to get a weekend where I am caught up on everything, all my work is completed for the week and get some free time to just try and get some plats for games I'm super close at.

Dr. Pezus

Oh yeah infamous second son and first light + telltale