Sources: Nintendo to launch SNES mini this year

Started by the-pi-guy, Apr 19, 2017, 11:55 AM

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Sources: Nintendo to launch SNES mini this year •

The SNES mini (or, to continue Nintendo's official branding, likely the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System) is currently scheduled to launch in time for Christmas this year. Development of the device is already under way, our sources have indicated.

Nintendo's plans for SNES mini are also a major reason why last year's NES mini did not see a reprieve from discontinuation, Eurogamer understands, despite the latter's continued popularity and sell-out status.


Can't wait for another round of this scummy battleship from Nintendo, might try and jump on this one just to make a bit of money.


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To be discontinue two months after release lol

No mater how you want to buy one you will never find it.


Ill pre order this time. Snes would be the better one to have anyway.


Not even gonna bother getting excited for this as much as I love Super Nintendo.