Rocket league hits 30m players!

Started by Kerotan, Apr 18, 2017, 09:27 PM

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Rocket League hits 30 million players - NeoGAF

Announced via Social media.
 Chat disabled for 4 seconds.
 To all 30 million of our players around the world, thank you!


It's so awesome how successful this game has been. I remember watching the devs play the game pre release with Gametrailers and thinking how small it was.

Dr. Pezus

Really insane. They've been really good with support and dlc so it's deserved


I'm in this count... played one time... found it boring.

Congrats anyway.


The only money I spent on this was €2 for the batmobile.  Probably my most played game.  Thank you ps plus!


Wow this is amazing! I bought most of the DLC on PS4 and bought the game on steam, and they still deserve more money than that. Fantastic game, its been too long since I played it