Code Vein Announced (Bandai Namco, God Eater team, UE4, ARPG, 2018)

Started by ethomaz, Apr 18, 2017, 02:20 PM

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The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals Code Vein, a new "dungeon exploration-type, hard action RPG" from Bandai Namco developed by the team behind God Eater. It is due out in 2018 for unannounced platform(s).

Code Vein was teased via a short video. An official worldwide reveal is set for April 20.

The game is set in a near future where everything has gone to ruin. Players are Revenants, vampires that possess supernatural abilities, that will take on the truth of the world while working together with allies.

In order to survive, Revenants live in an isolated society called "Vein." The Revenant is a being that has transcended humanity, but as a result has lost most of their memories. A Revenant who is short on blood will turn into a monster called a "Lost."

One of the main features of Code Vein is the "Buddy" system. When exploring dungeons, you can bring a single partner along.

Revenants mainly use close-range weapons such as great swords and one-handed swords. Other weapons such as spears and hammers also exist.

Staff working on the project includes:

Producer: Keita Iizuka
Director: Hiroshi Yoshimura
Project Team Leader: Yusuke Tomizawa

Development is currently 35 percent complete. A trailer will be revealed shortly, likely when the game is officially announced on April 20.
Bandai Namco announces Code Vein, a new action RPG from the God Eater team (Update) - Gematsu



So....its a God Eater clone? lol


So....its a God Eater clone? lol
Yes but they claim "it is not God Eater".


First trailer.

"Major home consoles in 2018".


Those two bosses had really good animations.

Dr. Pezus

Looks great. Like the souls games with a creepy twist


Looks great. Like the souls games with a creepy twist
It is basically a new God Eater.