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Game News Discussion / Re: E3 2017 countdown
Last post by Horizon - Today at 09:43 AM
Far Cry 5 is tomorrow right? It seems like there has not been any major reveals until Far Cry 5. I feel there is anticipation this year but generally it is less than previous years due to the lack of leaks or teases.
Trump is a great+ AWESOME man
Not particularly. I did use to think that people in general were smarter, then the internet happened.
Off-Topic Community / Re: Let's count to a million!!...
Last post by Legend - Today at 07:09 AM
Off-Topic Community / Re: Do you ever feel like you ...
Last post by Legend - Today at 06:59 AM
I kinda do just because I'm tired and have horrible mental health right now. On the other hand, I'm super happy with how much I've learned over the past few years. I love doing something in game dev and reflecting that last year's me would have struggled with it.
Game News Discussion / Re: E3 2017 countdown
Last post by Legend - Today at 06:34 AM
And so it begins
Gaming Community / Re: Ask me anything about Vizi...
Last post by Legend - Today at 05:58 AM
Are you guys gonna ever make a RPG?
Well we have the forum RPG.

Besides that no.
Game News Discussion / Re: Star Citizen
Last post by Raven - Today at 04:53 AM
Here is a list of things expected to have been completed for 3.0 this week. This list is based on the expected completion dates from the 3.0 schedule report. Some of these things may not end up actually being completed this week and may end up being postponed to a later date. Though until told otherwise, it is assumed these things met their target dates.

May 22nd
 - New Message Queue: Streamlining messages with less overhead along with features that will help with packet loss and jitters to help reduce bandwidth and latency

May 24th
- Operator Seats conversion to Item 2.0: This will allow the devs to create gameplay mechanics around the various seated stations on ships
- Field of View Slider: This will allow players to narrow or widen the field of view
- Starmap App: This will be a new Mobiglass app that will allow players to see the entire star system and allow them to plot a quantum travel course beyond the immediate vicinity

May 25th
- Pick Up & Carry: This will allow players to manually move items, including interacting with cargo to load and unload from their ship
- Kiosk UI: This will allow players to buy and sell commodities with various vendors
- Solar System Mission Service: A backend that determines what dynamic missions are available in the area and what the rewards are for them

May 26th
- Derelict Ships: Added for exploration and potential points of interest
- Debris Fields: Added to both enhance the feeling surrounding derelict ships and offer their own kind of exploration as well
- Persistent Damage, Ammo, and Missiles: This will save the state of your vehicle instead of refreshing it every new play session
- Volumetric Fog: More realistic fog/mist effects
- Engine Trails & Contrails: A graphical effect to add streams that come from the back of the ship's wingtips and/or engines
- Physics Serialization: Fixing some long standing threading issues by improving separation of physics and netcode
- Drake Cutlass Black: This rework will now be ready for use when 3.0 releases
- RSI Ursa Rover: This vehicle will now be ready for use when 3.0 releases
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