Disgaea 5 Complete (SW) worldwide sales top 100,000

Started by BasilZero, Aug 11, 2017, 11:17 AM

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Disgaea 5 Complete, the Switch version of Disgaea 5, has sold 100,000 copies worldwide, according to Nippon Ichi Software's latest financial report.

Usually, we would be able to figure out at least how many of those sales came from Japan. However, Disgaea 5 Complete never made the top 20 in sales tracker Media Create's sales chart. We can only say for certain that it sold less than 5,481 copies in Japan during its first week of launch.

As for North America and Europe, NIS America president Takuro Yamashita told MCV back in May that Disgaea 5 Complete had achieved 78,000 pre-orders in the U.S. and 36,000 pre-orders in Europe, which would total at 114,000 pre-orders. However, those numbers do not match up with the actual sales, unless over 14,000 consumers never followed through with their purchase.

Source: Disgaea 5 Complete worldwide sales top 100,000 - Gematsu


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In comparison assuming VGChartz numbers are precise....

PS4 ver sold 350,000 copies. With the 100,000 copies from the Switch version, that makes the total up to 450,000 physical copies between PS4 and SW versions.

I would say its closer or beyond 500,000 due to the availability of digital versions which are not counted.

Not bad considering the first one from PS2 sold somewhere around 300k and the one sold the most was Disgaea 4 which sold around 700k with PS3 and PSV copies combined.

^ This is assuming VGChartz numbers are true of course. So take that salt yo ;o

For a more actual precise sales data regarding older Disgaea titles - well specifically the PC versions.....

Disgaea PC has about 138,000 copies sold and Disgaea 2 PC has about 47,000 copies sold.

Disgaea 3 on PC when?