XBOX COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Started by Slayer, Sep 05, 2014, 02:13 AM

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Haven't played any of the exclusives, but am getting the white xbox one sunset overdrive bundle on Oct. 28th.   Will be playing that, ryse, halo master chief collection, forza horizon 2, project spark, and some downloadable games.  As they come out I will get quantum break, halo 5, crackdown, fable legends(sill not sure about that one though), and probably scalebound and phantom dust

You know what Nnodley... screw you. You've had a PS4 for how long and how many of us have you played with? How in the hell are you even going to have time to play all those games on a second console during school when you couldn't even be bothered to jump into a single game with us this year? You haven't even ever joined a party chat invite I've sent you. Punk dog.