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Started by Legend, May 31, 2015, 07:32 AM

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What type of unique are we talking here. Unique as in a beautiful individual snowflake  :) or unique as in Bananaking unique  :o
Have you ever played a game where you're a cube?
I'd say that's somewhat unique.

Now imagine a game where you're a cube and there are two jump buttons.
I'd say that's unique.

How about a game where you're a cube, there are two jump buttons, there are two health bars, the d-pad rotates you, weapons are cubes, weapons are simultaneously shields, doing damage to the enemy often helps the enemy, suicide is sometimes beneficial, the camera is a mix of first/third person, low ground is more advantageous than high ground, decoy cubes exist throughout the world, and platforming feels like pong.
I'd say that's VizionEck Cube Royale.