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Gaming Community / Re: God of War OT - Dad of War
Last post by Xevross - Today at 10:39 AM

This is awesome from Guerrilla
There's plenty of reviews, just meta and open haven't added them.

Nintendo Labo - Review Thread | ResetEra

(​IMG)ResetEra OT by Camjo-ZMC Toy-Con Variety Kit -MC Robot Kit -OC Nintendo Labo -Reviews:
  • The Verge - No Score  
    Labo is an experience where creating and building are just as much fun as playing. It eases you into this world: at the beginning, you're simply folding cardboard. But just a few hours later, you're trying to figure out how to turn a box into an interactive drum kit.Click to expand...
  • CNET - 8.3/10  
    The Good: Incredible cardboard designs. Really well-done step-by-step instructions. Labo's software and games are fun to play and explore. There's a lot to do, and a sense that many secrets await unlocking. The Bad: Yes, it's mostly just cardboard. The kits can be daunting for younger kids. There's a risk of things breaking, so handle with care. And, where do you store all those large cardboard things later on? The Bottom: Line Nintendo Labo is a fun and unique Switch add-on -- a Lego-meets-Ikea cardboard construction set that will unlock kids' real-world creativity.Click to expand...
  • Time - No Score  
    Nintendo's Labo Kits for the Switch Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again Nintendo has a history of being adventurous when it comes to experimenting with new types of gameplay... But Labo doesn't feel like any of these outlandish ideas. Perhaps it's because in an era in which technologies like motion controls and virtual reality have already become the norm (or are getting closer to it, at least), we're more open to gaming in unorthodox ways. Or maybe it's the opposite, and Labo is a refreshing return to imagination in a world in which children are increasingly glued to their iPads. Labo could be a hit, or a flash in the pan. But it's clear that Nintendo isn't content with the Switch being just an ordinary video game console, and it's going to continue trying to give you new reasons to buy one.Click to expand...
  • USA Today - No Score  
    My 11-year old reviews Nintendo Labo: 'I think it's going to be the hot new craze' (…)Meanwhile, as a parent, I think Nintendo has struck the right tone for kids. The onscreen instructions supply encouragement--(e.g.: "Push it through the opening as far as it will go. (It might be difficult, but you can do it.")) Sam and I appreciated that you can easily manipulate the touchscreen to view animated instructions from different angles, and easily rewind or skip ahead as necessary.Click to expand...
  • Alphr - 5/5
    The greatest creation from Nintendo since the Switch (…)Nintendo Labo is a new platform for learning and creation - and it could well be the most exciting thing to come along from the games industry since Minecraft. (…)It's through the introduction of Nintendo Labo that the Japanese company's history as a toymaker shines through. Long gone are the days of Nintendo's original Japanese toys, replaced by consoles and video games but that sense of playfulness the company has instilled in people for hundreds of years hasn't been diluted.Click to expand...
  • Financial Post - No Score
    There is one more part to Labo, though, that could endure beyond the building and playing phases, and that's an entirely separate module dubbed Toy-Con Garage, found in the Discovery menu. (…) Still, I suspect this part of the experience will prove a bit much for most people. Neither my daughter nor I were able to think of much to do with it beyond being impressed by the tutorial. But I'd not be surprised if, 10 or 15 years from now, I found myself reading an interview with a prominent game designer who said her career was sparked at a young age by time spent fooling around with Nintendo Labo's design tools.Click to expand...
  • Pocket Lint - No Score Yet  
    From what we've seen so far, if you like the idea of not only making the game as well as the accessories that go with it, then this is certainly for you. If you prefer something more structured though, at this stage we're a little worried that you might tire of this before you've even built the controller to get you started. What's clear is that we need more time with Labo to find out more. For: -Imaginative and creative -Plenty of games to build and play -Discovery Garage encourages you to build your own experience Against: -Not much structure suggests you may tire quickly -If you damage the cardboard you'll have to get creative fixing itClick to expand...
  • Yahoo Finance - No Score  
    Nintendo's Labo marries the simplicity cardboard with high-tech sensors to create something truly wonderful. Constructing each Toy-Con project is as relaxing as building a Lego set, while the Labo software makes each kit unique and entertaining onto itself. The addition of the ability to craft your own Toy-Con Garage programs only adds to Labo's staying power. If you know a Switch fan looking for more to do with the console, then Nintendo Labo is a wonderful choice, especially if they're already interested in buildingClick to expand...
  • Tech Advisor - No Score Yet  
    We'll reserve a final verdict on the two Labo kits until we've had the chance to test them fully, but for the moment our doubts have been eased. There looks to be a huge amount of depth here - far more than the first trailers suggested - and anyone willing to experiment should find that Labo quickly rewards it.Click to expand...
Hands-On Impressions / Unboxings / Streams:Will update the thread with more reviews over the next couple of days, please share them in the thread and I'll add them to the OP.  

I know Michael Patcher didn't really word it like this, but let's see if Nintendo fans really will buy cardboard with Nintendo's name on it.  On another note, what happened to Patcher?  I haven't heard anything from him in a while.
Well it sounds to me like its a lot more promising than we thought. You can create quite a lot of stuff, let your imagination go wild. Seems perfect for kids, and more hardcore Nintendo fans by extension
Jake gyllenhaal is such a crustard. Worst pick ever. Even though they have a great director. Murph is alright though
Gaming Community / Re: God of War OT - Dad of War
Last post by Xevross - Today at 10:32 AM
Anyone playing yet?
I will be in 20 mins. Its gonna be hard to stop myself at some point in the next couple of days for revision though ;D
Gaming Community / Re: God of War OT - Dad of War
Last post by Dr. Pezus - Today at 10:30 AM
Anyone playing yet?
Gaming Community / Re: God of War (PS4) Hype Thre...
Last post by Xevross - Today at 10:30 AM
20 mins to download a 6GB patch and then I'm off!
Gaming Community / God of War OT - Dad of War
Last post by Dr. Pezus - Today at 10:29 AM
Let's keep discussions about the game in this thread, although reviews should go in the review thread.

Will update OP today
10/10 from Power Up, not on meta also.

5 stars from Alphr, not on meta.
Gaming Community / Re: God of War (PS4) Hype Thre...
Last post by Xevross - Today at 07:30 AM
Was this the guy in charge of EA?

I'm surprised I haven't spoiled anything for myself other than the few things shown in reviews.  I'm almost done God of War 3.  Labyrinth is left then Zeus.  I didn't kick enough dogs.  Oh well.
No he works as an analyst at NPD.
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