Say Anything About The Game You're Currently Playing...

Started by ethomaz, Jun 05, 2014, 03:13 AM

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Finished Titanfall 2 story.

Kinda lame. Felt like COD Ghost campaign to me, apart from the robot. Think I prefered first story.


Playing Nier Automata. Really digging it.

Also really impressed how they stretched the budget so far. Hopefully more games can follow this trend.


I finished Nier.

Really good yet it's kinda awkward with all the endings. Like you just have to decide when you've personally experienced enough since there isn't a big definitive ending.

Dr. Pez

Getting back into Diablo 3. Feeling really op even in extremely hard mode

Dr. Pez

I'm using the wizard. Don't know if anyone here knows that class in diablo but that stream of arcane/fire thingie (usually used by pressing R2 if you have it) is so so OP. It hits multiple enemies (and goes through them) with a constant stream of like 15-25k in damage probably a few times per second. Most enemies seem to have around 20-40k HP where I am now so this just immediately kills most. This is while playing in extremely hard mode lulz

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