Unrelated to Cube Royale, VizionEck Adventure is a puzzle platformer set in a mysterious world.

It is still under early development and is not ready to be revealed, but here are 6 bullet points explaining the game's ethos:

1. Thousands of puzzles with no filler. Every puzzle has a unique purpose in the game.

2. Open world structure lets players progress and reach the ending without solving every mystery. After the ending players can continue exploring for 100% completion.

3. The lore and history of the game world are incredibly deep. The beings in the game speak a constructed language and have a fully developed society. Learning their words is beneficial.

4. Some optional puzzles are incredibly hard. Even with players collaborating together online, VizionEck Adventure will still have unsolved mysteries years after release.

5. Puzzles do not rely on red herrings or other tricks to artificially increase difficulty.

6. All puzzles exist fully within the lore of the game world. No glitching the camera or viewing audio spectrograms needed.

Please read the game's forum thread for development updates and more information.