Yahoo to Retire That Which Started it: Yahoo Directory

Started by 7H3, Sep 27, 2014, 08:09 PM

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We confess; we had no idea the Yahoo Directory was still around. If you'll flash back a decade or so--if not more--you might recall a time when you perused Yahoo's hand-picked, categorical results for sites to visit.
Perhaps you were interested in gardening, so you'd hit up Yahoo's Directory to see just what sites it was recommending you should visit. Maybe you were a time-traveler from the future and just knew that Internet cats would be a huge thing, so you attempted to contribute as many sites as you could to the directory's feline section.
Regardless, the growth of Google basically killed off Yahoo's Directory in spirit. Who needs a human-curated list of websites, after all, when an automated crawler can scan through the raw text of all of these sites to ensure that people are matched up with the most relevant results for their query?

Do you Yahoo?
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Yeah I yahoo for email.


Havent used yahoo in years and the last time I tried getting on its messenger which was like 5 years ago my anti-virus picked it up as malware ;x.


Google ftw ;)


I use it for email.  Two of my three emails at least. 
Used to read the front page a lot, not so much anymore. 


I have a yahoo email that is really old and still has a 4 character password
"It's hip to be square." - Eurogamer<br />"Shut up its art!" -Legend