Square Enix E3 recap

Started by Legend, Jun 14, 2021, 03:13 AM

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Everything but gotg and Legend of Mana is getting serious downvotes.


Yeah, one of the worst proper gaming shows we've seen. Gearbox's "show" was a magnitude worse but that wasn't even trying to be a gaming show. For 40 minutes dedicated to video games with lots of gameplay and trailers, this is almost as bad as it gets.


I've watched the Final fantasy Origin trailer 4 times now, and it's so bad.  
1.) You get this cutscene audio to build up to an enemy's reveal, 30 seconds later. That doesn't work. That guy doesn't mean anything to me. In the off chance that it might have worked in the game, you've ruined that too by spoiling. Simultaneously making the game and the trailer worse.  

2.) The only thing you really get out of the main character here, is that he's obsessed with killing chaos. And it's done in the worst way possible. There's not really much of a reason given why Chaos needs to be taken down, just that the mc has an actual obsession to remove him.

3.) The gameplay itself might be fine. But it doesn't seem particularly noteworthy.

4.) Visually could be better. I don't see much that couldn't be done on PS4.