Jim Ryan doesn't hate old games

Started by the-pi-guy, Jun 11, 2021, 08:25 PM

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PlayStation's Jim Ryan wants people to know he doesn't hate old games | VGC

"The point I was trying to make -- obviously not very well -- was just how great the PS4 version looked and how far the series had evolved. I certainly wasn't trying to be disrespectful to our heritage," he told journalist Stephen Totilo.

"I guess my big learning from all of this is that when Kazunori Yamauchi unveils the next 'Gran Turismo' side by side with its history, that I will keep my mouth shut."
Ryan is said to have added that PS5's compatibility with PS4 games was due to fans' "real desire" for that support, but had no comment on whether Sony planned to enable compatibility with PS1 games.


Sony PlayStation boss Jim Ryan moves past console wars - Axios

Sony is also targeting an expansion to mobile, as it joins other console gaming powerhouses in craving the bigger mobile market. It will have something to show there soon, Ryan teased.

"The thinking here is that our IP portfolio is in such a strong state right now, it seems perverse to restrict enjoyment of it to our existing PlayStation community," Ryan said.

PlayStation made news last December for a game it decided to not sell. In December, it delisted the highly anticipated but surprisingly buggy third-party game "Cyberpunk 2077."

"This was a tough decision for us to make, but ultimately, we had to act in the interests of the PlayStation Community, and not knowingly sell a game that might result in a bad experience for them," Ryan said.
Why it matters: With entertainment converging on every screen imaginable, old distinctions between the business of games, movies, streaming and even social media are becoming less relevant.

"We are an entertainment company with a community of more than 100 million gamers with really extraordinary levels of commitment and engagement," Ryan told Axios when asked how he defines PlayStation and its competition.
"I would say unequivocally that we are competing for leisure hours, and that any definition of competition has to extend way beyond the boundaries of what has traditionally been defined as gaming," he said.


Would be great to get ps1-3 support. I love that almost every xbox game I own can be played without setting up a legacy system.


Anyone who wasn't being disingeneous knew exactly what he meant by that comment about Gran Turismo.